The Mendham Township Democratic Committee seeks:

To advance the interests, causes and ideals of a progressive, democratic philosophy in the Township of Mendham in the County of Morris, State of New Jersey, and the United States of America;

To nominate and seek election of Democratic candidates for municipal office in the Township of Mendham in said County, candidates for office in Morris County, New Jersey and in the State of New Jersey and for Federal Office;

To serve as a forum for the discussion of public questions on all levels of government and society, to the end that a better-informed discussion of governmental problems will be fostered, sound public policy may be advanced, and an intelligent judgment may be made as to the proper role and actions of government.

Mendham Township Democratic Committee Officers

  • Chair: Susan Luciano
  • Vice Chair: Neil Mody
  • Treasurer: Monica Smith
  • Secretary: Kimberly Gavagan
  • District Representatives
    • District 1: Robert F. Meyer & Mark Trokan
    • District 2: Mary S. Shay-Millea & Liz Tamasi
    • District 3: Brittany R. Puckett & Diane E. Dinklage
    • District 4: Joann Beckerman & Kenneth D. Beckerman
    • District 5: Laurie K. Pettine & Angela T. Crowe

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